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Interpersonal Relationship Cards



deck of 48 cards divided into 24 male and 24 female archetypes, described in its positive and negative aspects and in different life roles

+ book of interpretations
19 × 12 cm

written and illustrated by Marie Brožová

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Relationships are the fabric of our lives. A happy life does not differ from an unhappy one by fame or fortune, but by the quality of our relationships.

We often ask ourselves: What role do I play in the current relationship? What do I mean to him? What does he mean for me? What can I expect from him in the future? Should I marry him? What kind of father will he be?  What should I learn in this relationship?

We can ask anything we are interested in. The Interpersonal Relationship Cards can help us find the answers that are essential to our future but we can also ask about the past and the present. The more specifically we manage to formulate a question, the more we will learn from the drawn card. The clearer the question, the clearer the answer.