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Czech-English edition, Tarot poems written by Willie Watson, translated and illustrated by Marie Brozova.

Gift set: a book of poems plus deck of 78 Tarot cards

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World unique Czech-English edition of 78 poems written on all 78 Tarot cards by American poet Willie Watson. Marie Brožova created original deck of cards and translated the poems into Czech language.

For the first time in history the magic of Tarot is accessible to readers who prefer words to images. Eloquent and detailed drawings of Tarot cards are suitable even for the absolute beginners.  According to Tarot experts this edition of Tarot cards belongs to most optimistic, positive attitude towards life experience dominates over the dark fatalism, even the most feared cards show their friendly side. Just like in all aspects of Marie Brozova art, the images are colourful and their meaning is presented playfully, often with a good sense of humour. They encourage discovering of new possibilities life is offering us.

Do not let yourself be discouraged by the complicated theory, do not let yourself be confused by the mixture of interpretation, do not believe that only an expert can really scientifically interpret the message of the cards. Nobody but you yourself will read from the cards so much. When we look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning we don’t need the assistance of a prophet to show how we stand, where we have failed and what we need to concentrate on.

The card does not tell our future fate, it represents a principle which is expressed in our life. Fate will unwind according to how we apply this principle. That’s why any card is not good nor bad, it is not necessary to be afraid.

(Marie Brozova in the Tarot Poems preface)